Our Seminars

We are Advocates We work for
better world and Pakistan.

SPACM had successsfuly conducted more then 200+ event more then 50+ worshops in just 4 years since this holy mission begins.

Hear from experts across the Globe and from government official's in our seminars and conferences. Our Volunteer team members are also available to volunteer their time as speakers at external conferences and events.

Our goal is to help Young Peoples Professionals, economics and Educationist, and to organizations operate more efficiently and effectively. We encourage attendees to attend our seminars for better acknowledgement about sustainable society.

LatestSeminars .

Madrasa - University youth engagement Program

With collaboration with Iqbal Institiute for reasearch and dialogue International Islamic University Islamabad SPACM had organize Sessional Program to sustain the mutal understanding between opposite school of thoughts.  

One Day seminar on Interfaith Harmony

One Day awareness seminar held at The University of  Haripur to engage the community and University students and faculty members to understand the sustainable impact and peaceful outcome's of mutual understanding and Harmony between the multi religiou

National Disaster Awareness Day - Oct 8

with Collaboration with District Administration Haripur The society for Peace and conflict management had organize  sessional program to Unroll the importance of safety measure and reforms in unanticipated natural disaster situation.

Celebration of World Peace & Understanding Day

Society for Peace & Conflict Management had organize a Celebration  Day of world peace and Understanding to foster that the society must need to adopt the Peaceful  and moral values regarding peaceful co-existence in sustainable environment.

The University of Haripur Multi-Stockholder's Dialogue

To take Peace Narrative at larger scale Society for Peace & Conflict Management bring together all Civil Society, Academia, & Local Government to come together for Constrictive Peace Narrative. A different sessional dialogue held at The University

Competition of "Husne Qarahat" Between Madrassa and University Student

The Husne Qarahat Competition take place between the student hailing from different private Schooling system &  University and Madrassa student to foster the mutual understanding between both school of thoughts and to unroll the importance of unde