• Interfaith Harmony
    “Sustainable Development through Interfaith Harmony.”
    Strengthening interfaith harmony and religious diversity to sustain development
    and progress of Pakistan. Promoting peaceful coexistence among practitioners of various
    religious beliefs by conducting Debates, Seminars, Workshop's making Interaction with Student.
  • Youth Empowerment Programme
    Connecting Young People
    This new generation is the most informed, most educated, most connected generation
    in human history. Society for Peace & Conflict Management identifies, promotes and
    connects the most impactful young leaders to create a
    better sustaiable devolpment in Pakistan with more
    responsible, more effective leadership.

Become a Volunteer

You can contribute your time, skills and knowledge through volunteering with us. This is an opportunity to create positive impact and being a significant citizen for achieving peace and development in Pakistan.

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Become a Blood Donor

Volunteer your time in one of our donor centres.The blood you donate at the affiliated Bank is used to support the many patients minor Children's suffering with Thalassemia who come from all over Pakistan to receive treatment.

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Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for Devolpment in Pakistan. They address the global challenges poverty, inequality, climate, join hand with spacm to achieve SDG by 2030.

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Young Leaders

Leadership development strategies is high on the list of priorities by SPACM. Through educational resources and service campaigns, Young people are challenged to research and make an impact on at least one local and one global issue that spark their passion.

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SPACM is a non-political, non-religious, non-governmental and non-profit National society

established in 2015 and based in University of Haripur. with working bodies in leading Universities of Pakistan

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Our Vision

A peaceful, harmonious and progressive Pakistan with full participation and leadership at all levels, of empowered, creative, and active youth. & students promoting non-violence and a culture of unity.

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SPACM Mission

SPACM mission is to eliminate all forms of racial, ethnic, linguistic political and religious bigotry through peace, love, respect tolerance and culture.

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SPACM's Goals

To promote active participation of youth and students in establishing a peaceful and democratic society by ensuring involvement of youth in peace building processes.

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We inspired by the conviction that volunteerism is a powerful means of engaging Youth in tackling emarging challenges across the Globe. we welcome Everyone to contribute their for achieving Peace.

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What are we doing?

LatestProjects .

Clean & Green Pakistan Drive

In order to highlight the importance of individual responsibility and to motivate the people to keep the city clean, A total of bags of trash collected by the different Teams and the team that collected the highest number of trash bags is rewarded. SPACM Society organize Cleaning Activity on every Friday of week. with participation of enthusiastic volunteers from University of Haripur. The cleaning drive took place at School, Public Places covering a vast area across the City.100's of voulnteers take part in Cleaning Activity to Understand the emerging Crisis of Climate.

Building Intrafaith Harmony and Understanding

Pakistan is a home to a population of 184 million people, belonging to different religions. 95% Muslim, while the rest five percent are Christians, Hindus, Parsis, Bahais, Sikhs, Buddhists and others. This diversity signifies the need to develop a pluralistic society in which people with different beliefs can live in peace and harmony. SPACM orgnized a series of Programme regarding interfaith Harmony on world Harmony Day . A Hindu, a Christian, a Sikh and a Muslim schlor was invited to enlighten our faculty and students of peaceful co-existence and religious harmony and mutual respect.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Agenda, adopted in 2015, includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved by 2030. Countries around the world and Pakistan have committed to taking action to meet these goals, such as ending hunger and poverty, and making health care available to all measure to control Uprising Climate Issue, Gender Equality. SPACM Played a Fundamental Role to Promote objective's by approching series of Schools and Educational institution to Public engagement to walk's. Our Volunteer's are Playing significant Role to enlighten the Importance of These Objective in order to achieve sustaiable development in Pakistan.


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