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Society for Peace & Conflict Management

Your support will help us to make better sustainable Devolpment in Pakistan for Young & vulnerable Society.

It is a society with the mission to eliminate all forms of racial, ethnic, linguistic, political and religious bigotry through peace, love, respect, tolerance and through culture

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We inspired by the conviction that volunteerism is a powerful means of engaging Youth in tackling emarging challenges across the Globe. we welcome Everyone to contribute their services for achieving Peace.

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Volunteer your time in one of our donor centres.The blood you donate at the affiliated Bank is used to support the many patients minor Children's suffering with Thalassemia who come from all over Pakistan to receive treatment.

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Who we are

In Feb 2015 SPACM was an idea of one of Prominent Islamic Schlor Dr Muhiman, who is currently Head of the Department of Islamic and Religius Studies in the University of Haripur his vision was a peaceful, harmonious and progressive Pakistan with full participation and leadership at all levels, of empowered, creative, and active youth and students promoting non-violence and a culture of unity. His mission to eliminate all forms of racial, ethnic, linguistic political and religious bigotry through peace, love, respect tolerance and culture.

What we do

Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defence of Peace must be constructed. Peace and Love are one of basic Teachings of Islam and in all other religons of the world. outer Peace can never assured without inner peace. SPACM - Society for Peace and Conflicts Management is working on both these essential aspects of peace not only on campus but off campus as well. SPACM Has got more 300 registered members in the University who are actively and willingly volunteer for the holy mission of peace building in our community. SPACM mainly focuses on the youth of the region who are the future of our nation. Hence SPACM outreaches to the students of school Collages and Universities and intend to Produce in the True leadership for our community.